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You’ll Benefit from Buying Cargo Insurance (CAI)

When you choose our Cargo Insurance policy, you’ll be covered as the renter of the truck and your authorized drivers will also be covered. Coverage will protect you from losses and damages which relate to accidents or natural disasters which happen as the truck is in transit. However, coverage will only be in force while you or your authorized driver is in the truck. For example, you won’t be covered for damages from loading or unloading.

Coverage will max out at fifteen thousand dollars. The deductible per incident will be one hundred dollars. This type of coverage is so beneficial, as you will have recourse if your precious belongings are lost or damaged. Without this sensible form of insurance, you may find that you’re on the hook for repairs and replacements and this may be quite expensive. 

Since the cost of our CAI policy is so affordable, you’ll access superior protection without being overcharged. As well, you’ll like the fact that your authorized drivers are covered as well. Terms and conditions for this type of policy are very fair and reasonable. This means premium protection which is dependable, legal and inexpensive. We pride ourselves on offering impressive policies for competitive prices.