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Personal Accident Insurance Offers Vital Protection

Another important form of insurance is Personal Accident Insurance. It provides coverage to the person who rents the truck, as well as coverage to passengers. This coverage is specific and it’s for accident death and accident medical.

With the passenger, coverage is only in force while the passenger is inside of the enclosed part of the rental truck. You may combine this form of insurance with other insurance in order to access protection which is more comprehensive. 

This type of insurance may be purchased for an additional daily rate. If a claim is filed and approved, expense benefits will be paid out, which may cover accidental death expenses (if applicable), ambulance expenses (if applicable) and accident medical expenses (if applicable). 

If other forms of coverage are in force, the payout from the PAI policy will offer extra funds. In other words, it won’t negatively impact your ability to access monies for approved claims from other insurance policies that you have. 

Since the cost of these expenses may be extremely high, it’s important to protect yourself before problems arise. This is why this form of insurance is highly-recommended. 

While this policy is optional, it’s designed to offer vital protection. This is why you should strongly consider buying it. It’s not expensive and it will offer a great deal of protection for a low daily charge. All of our insurance policies are competitively-priced. They offer superb protection without costing a fortune. Our customers appreciate the sensible insurance options that we offer. 

Our policies are of high quality. They are legal and binding and they are designed to protect our clients. Things happen on the road. It’s impossible to see into the future and our insurance policies help our clients to avoid a lot of expenses. 

In particular, the cost of medical care, which is just so high in America at present, is something that can ruin someone financially, if he or she doesn’t have the right insurance policy in force. In addition, accident death is so tragic and expenses related to accident death may be very high. Also, the cost of an ambulance may be much higher than you think. 

Accidents happen every minute in America. No matter how good of a driver you are, you’ll find that purchasing this form of insurance is smart. Even if you don’t make a mistake while driving your rental truck, someone else may make a mistake. You can’t control everything. Having the right coverage is absolutely vital. 

As you can see, it’s very sensible to spend a little money per day in order to avoid the often-astronomical cost of medical expenses and other expenses that this policy covers. 

Once you have this policy in force, you’ll enjoy increased peace of mind.