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What Is Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)?

This form of insurance will protect you, the truck renter, as well as other drivers of the rental truck which are authorized. The coverage is specific and it’s about protecting you and authorized drivers from claims which are brought forth by third parties, which relate to property damage or bodily damage which happen due to your involvement in an accident as you drive or ride in your Penske rental truck.

This is an extra layer of protection which augments underlying insurance. The coverage from a Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) policy maxes out at $1,000,000. Every claim is different, so how much your receive when a claim is approved will depend on the circumstances of the accident. In order to qualify for this form of optional insurance, drivers should be twenty-one years of age or older. The renter will also need to over the age of twenty-one. 

The more coverage you have, the better. Lawsuits can be very expensive and we live in a country where lawsuits related to truck rental accidents are filed every day. If you want to know that you’ll be covered for property damage and bodily damage of third party properties or persons, while you’re driving your rental truck, or another authorized driver is at the wheel, then this is the right optional insurance policy for you. 

You’ll find that it offers an excellent maximum level of coverage and that it’s the perfect addition to underlying coverage. Without it, you’ll be at risk for claims from third parties and these may leave you behind the eight ball financially. 

You’ll find that the SLI is quite affordable in light of the superior coverage that it provides. This type of policy may also be known as Additional Liability Insurance. 

Most companies that rent vehicles do offer this type of coverage option. However, all of them don’t provide the same high-quality and legal policies that we do. We make sure to offer the best policies to our customers. We want them to access liability coverage which is first-rate and not too expensive.